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Why Choose Us

Team work


We professionally train all team members using the most efficient cleaning processes and products available. Our management team have a combined 15+Years of experience setting the industry standard.

Cleaning the Counter

Product Safety

At CleanPros, we want to ensure we take safety precautions when choosing our equipment and products. That's why we use backpack vacuums that exceed HEPA filtration standards, we use hospital strength cleaning products, and ensure we are following a color coding system with microfiber cloths to eliminate the transfer of germs between different locations. 

Security Point

Cleared Team Members

We perform a rigorous background check on all team members, this ensures the safety of our team and your employees.

Customer Service

Customer Service

At CleanPros DMV our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We will stop at nothing to provide you with the highest quality of clean that you and your patients deserve. We have put in place tools such as your own personal app where you can leave feedback for management, reports issues and request additional services.  We will won't stop until you are completely satisfied with our services.

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